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We can provide durable laser scanners and an experienced on-site team to ensure a fluid check-in experience. 

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Barcode scanning

Use your mobile devices camera or our integrated barcode scanner to check-in your guests.

Guests lists

Quickly find guests by their name, initials or other information. Admit +1's and add guests on the fly.

Offline - no problem!

Advanced online / offline modes let you continue admitting your guests without any change to the guest check-in experience.



Search for and check-in guests, tickets, tables and walk-ups using your phone, tablet or hand held ticket scanners.

1 click import

Import tens of thousands of guests with our 1 click importing, ready for check-in! Use our smart list mapping or downloadable templates.

Keep selling

Sell tickets through our expanding network of ticketing partners and keep your tickets on sale as the event happens!


10 to 50k check-ins, small parties to large multi entrance festivals, our event check-in app won't let you down.
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Smart stats

Create tags or groups to help filter and identify guests. Watch the dashboard as we draw out beautiful real-time stats.

Fantastic support

In depth knowledge base, first class live support and dedicated account management on demand.


Quick start features

  • BARCODED TICKET SCANNING - Securely scan all popular 1D & 2D barcoded tickets.
  • TOUCH SEARCH GUEST LIST CHECK-IN - Super quick partial name, email, status and additional information and plus 1’s!
  • STAY SYNCED - Real time attendee data syncing across unlimited devices
  • SIMPLE GUEST LIST ADMIN - Add or upload your guest data in seconds with our tactile web dashboard.
  • OFFLINE MODE - Continue checking in your guests uninterrupted even when offline.
  • REAL TIME ATTENDEE STATS - Quick access to in-depth attendee figures.
  • CHECK-IN APP USER RESTRICTIONS - Give team members as little or as much check-in control and insight as required.
  • IN-DEPTH EVENT ATTENDEE REPORTS - One click full pdf event reports emails
  • REGISTER WALK-IN ATTENDEES - Create and run tally lists for walk-in attendees including physical tickets and rep sales.

Advanced features

  • HIGH SPEED PERFORMANCE - Fast event download and check-in speeds, no matter how large the event!
  • SESSIONS - Only allow the app to scan guests between certain times and for certain sessions only!
  • GROUP TICKET SCANNING - Scan in a group of people in one go
  • SHORT CODES - In the search box type :: followed by a short code to unlock further features. For example to see a list of only attended guests type ::in to see a list of outstanding guests type ::out.
  • ADD GUESTS ON-THE-FLY - Add guests from anywhere via your phone, tablet or computer.
  • PLUS 1 ONLY CHECK-IN - Check in a guest's plus 1's without them being present.
  • SEGMENTED TICKET SCANNING ENTRY (Multiple Entrances) - Easily set up the check-in app to only scan specific ticket types at designated entry points.
  • SEARCH BY TICKET DETAILS - Simple search by barcode function - or if the ticket is damaged search by customer details.
  • DETECT DUPLICATE (FAKE) TICKETS - Includes an audible failure sound and visual alert with displayed check-in timestamp of original ticket.
  • GROUP PURCHASE TICKET SCANNING - Scan a single group purchase ticket barcode and quickly tap in any additional group guests using the Plus 1's feature.
  • WATCH LIST - Ability to block a guest's admittance. Once scanned, a blocked guest will be displayed in red, accompanied by a pop-up text alert.
  • REAL TIME STATISTICS - One touch attendee statistics for total in-venue and filtered by guest type / attendee group. Includes charts, in-venue / outstanding totals and percentages.
  • NIGHT MODE - Night mode - High contrast mode for low light scenarios - saves battery life.
  • TEAM MEMBER NOTIFICATIONS - Notify all of your team members or individual team members with instant messaging.
  • SMART TAGGING & LIST FILTERING - Flexible guest tagging and filtering allows you to handle any type of guest check-in criteria. Such as events, sessions, accreditation and attendee grouping.
  • PULL TO REFRESH - Quick screen pull down to refresh app.
  • BESPOKE APP SETTINGS - Set up check-in the way you like it via a comprehensive list of app settings

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