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US based e-ticketing platform showcasing events from New York to Las Vegas and beyond.


Stub Avenue needed a fully branded end-to-end event check-in solution for their ticketing clients. This included:

A branded and hosted event check-in app for both iOS and Android devices (mobile and tablet).

A branded and integrated web dashboard for client event check-in management.

Integration of web dashboard within existing Stub Avenue client control panel.

A 'single sign-on' approach for seamless client administration between Stub Avenue's ticket sales and event check-in administration.

Direct-to-checkin sales data - ability for all live ticket sales data to be pushed in real time to the check-in app ready for scanning. This would allow clients to keep ticket sales live through the vital final hours prior to an event opening. Clients can also opt to keep sales running throughout the duration of the event to maximise sales.

Ability to sync and run check-in across multiple timezones from a single event check-in client account.


Direct development consultancy with Stub Avenue IT developers to ensure an on-schedule successful integration strategy, methods and execution with the Qflow API.

The design, build and hosting of Stub Avenue's event check-in app. Including a rebrand theme in keeping with the current Stub Avenue branding. Available on both iOS and Android devices (mobile and tablets).

The design, build and hosting of Stub Avenue event check-in web dashboard. Including secure subdomain and bespoke-to-client check-in feature integration. This gave Stub Avenue an advanced end-to-end turn-key check-in solution integrated and hosted by Qflow.


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