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Silicon Milk Roundabout - Global job fair

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We can provide durable laser scanners and an experienced on-site team to ensure a fluid check-in experience. 

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Silicon Milk Roundabout is a job fair like no other. Meet and chat with over 175 companies about what jobs they have on offer. Perfect for developers, designers, product managers, marketers and more.


A need to admit a large number of attendees efficently using several guest look up methods. By email address, ticket type, unique guest additional information (organisation / company position) as well as via standard name search. 

Minimise any additional hardware requirements. 

Solution needs to cope with intermittent internet connection due to poor web on site web connectivity at check-in area.

Up to the second statistics required for management to stay informed of real time attendee figures.

Post event statistics for detailed attendee flow analysis.


Qflow check-in app allowed SMR staff to successfully search and admit attendees by multiple guest tags, email address and via quick fire initial searching.

Qflow check-in app is available for both Android and iOS phones and tablets allowing for most smart device users to run the Qflow check-in app without any additional hardware requirements. 

Offline capability allowed the Qflow check-in app to continuing running without an internet connection, with entry data synced across all devices and back to the client’s Qflow dashboard once an internet connection is re-established. 

Management were able to access real time attendee statistics via the Qflow app / web dashboard running on their smartphone, tablet or desktop dashboard throughout the duration of check-in. 

Post event reporting gave valuable attendee in-sight including attendee breakdowns by guest status and check-in surge period flow charts.


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