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RedBull - Notting Hill Carnival

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We can provide durable laser scanners and an experienced on-site team to ensure a fluid check-in experience. 

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Online event registration ballot - Registration page to handle high volume traffic spikes in conjunction with Red Bull marketing campaigns. 

The ability to filter duplicate registration emails and protect against bot activity (a software program that imitates the behaviour of a human). 

Provision of automated barcoded success invites and failure email confirmations. 

To provide rapid guest entry flow and VIP hospitality levels for guests with barcoded invites and non-invite VIP guests.  

To provide team with real time entry statistics and post event detailed attendee statistics.


Bespoke registration page maintained high performance levels, even during peak traffic spikes.

Filter feature provided the client with a clean set of unique email data.

Pre-set automated e-invites dispatched for selected number of successful applicants with remaining unsuccessful applicants receiving an automated email alert.

On-site - Qflow's rapid scanners and touch search guest list app reduced queue fatigue with waiting times reduced to a minimum.

Excellent VIP guest arrival awareness via instant detailed searchable guest data and guest arrival SMS alerts.

Up to the minute entry statistics made available to all the team, giving them a true understanding of real time in-venue statistics.


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